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Prepare for snow: Buy fuel

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Two local businesses are seeing an uptick in snow equipment sales ahead of forecasted snow.

Do-Cut and Ace Hardware in Canfield have seen an increase in the purchase of salt, shovels, snow throwers and blowers.

With weaker winters over the past few years, some of the bigger equipment may not have been used.

Jered Pekar, sales manager at Do-Cut, said, “The biggest thing is the fuel. You want to make sure you run the fuel out at the end of the season. Make sure you change your oil, and fresh fuel is the biggest thing.”

Some customers are buying parts for snowblowers after not being used as much the past few winters.

Pekar said, “We see an uptick when there’s a season where you’re not using your snow thrower a lot, and there are repairs on them. We will probably see an increase in parts tomorrow with the impending storm.”

David Halton of Boardman, said, “I noticed a note I left myself was that I haven’t used it since 2020. I don’t think we had enough snow to get it going last year.”

Pekar advises checking all winter equipment before using it.

Sydney Kusick, manager at Ace Hardware, said, “We haven’t seen any real winter weather this year, but there are a lot of people still preparing.”

More people are making the switch to electronic winter equipment as well.

Kusick said, “Our battery options, the sales on those have definitely gone up since the influx in battery operations.”

Check back for updates on the weekend weather.