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Emergency fuel solutions

Be prepared for anything

Natural and manmade disasters threaten the continuity of business, and RKA is here to help. With RKA, your service will not be disrupted. Our Team is available round-the-clock to provide gas, diesel, DEF, and biodiesel to our customers.

We service a comprehensive list of business-critical industries, and highlight our service to:

Prepay emergency services

Guaranteed Supply: No matter what

Contact our Team to ensure your tanks and/or generators are topped off prior to a storm to ensure you have fuel supply before inclement weather arrises. 

Storm solutions

Breeze through inclement weather

Hurricanes cause inclement weather and summertime power outages, disrupting refineries and impeding deliveries. Over the past decade alone, the Midwestern U.S. has experienced over 7,000 outages, affecting more than 33.9 million people. Michigan ranks 4th nationally for power outages. While many businesses were scrambling to stay operational, our contracted customers didn’t experience any downtime. Even more, we’ve never had a contracted customer run out of fuel.

Stay fueled, no matter what

Cyberattacks and shut downs

Be prepared for pipelines shutting down due to malicious hacks from Ransomware Attacks. Stay fueled even when large pipelines are shut down. Line 5 carries light crude oil and natural gas liquids, including propane, which power manufacturing, heat homes, and fuel our cars.