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RKA’s experienced Government Team provides effective solutions to fit a variety of fuel, logistic and inventory management needs at every level of government. United with our performance as a trusted partner in servicing smaller government, such as school districts, cities, towns, counties and states, RKA also provides services to the Federal Government and the United States Department of Defense. For more than 20 years, RKA has remained committed to building a solid reputation of providing quality gasoline, diesel, winter diesel, alternative fuels and DEF fluids to a variety of government agencies. RKA’s Government Team currently has contracts with road commissions, municipalities, schools, and universities.

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Through its steadfast dedication to flawless performance, RKA’s Government Team has become a preferred solution in meeting the fuel supply, logistic and fuel inventory management requirements of a wide range of government agencies. These fuel requirements may include variable or fixed pricing, which our expert Government Team provides each agency, based upon current published market prices from OPIS, PLATTS, ARGUS, and/or NYMEX.