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RKA’s Fleet Fueling Team provides the top-quality fuels and exceptional service that successful fleets require to keep moving forward. Whether your fleet consists of over-the-road tractors, service trucks or construction equipment, our Fleet Fueling Team will bring the highest quality fuel directly to you. By bringing our trucks to your equipment and vehicles, RKA saves you valuable time and money, which you can then put to use in building your business even further. RKA is equipped to provide your fleet with best-in-class delivery specialists and the state-of-the-art technology your successful business requires.

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The advantages of utilizing RKA’s Fleet Fueling expertise are numerous. With no tanks on site to be concerned with and the ability to track your fuel consumption by individual vehicles and effectively eliminate the down-time of your drivers as they wait for an open fuel pump, there is more time to focus on your business. The absence of underground storage tanks on site also lessens your environmental liability and exposure.