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Safety Department Blast | 01.06.2022

Happy January!  It’s the winter season in our area.  According to the weather experts, we average 10-12 days in January with snow, with an average of 13 inches of the stuff piled up.

By the time you read this, the New Year weekend snow is probably old.  However, we have not seen snow in a few weeks, so here is part of the normal rhetoric about safe driving and a couple of other Safe Personal Winter Tips.

Check your vehicle.  Remember, most quick oil-change places will check your fluids, tires, wipers and lites in 10 minutes or less.  We never think about these items until we are trying to see with one headlight in the snow with a wiper that streaks right where you look thru the windshield and a low tire that won’t get traction on the way home!

In-Car Safety Kit.

  • Phone charger: Plug your phone in before you start
  • Long handled snow brush
  • Windshield fluid
  • Jumper cables
  • Flashlight
  • Boots
  • Blanket
  • Snacks

Be Alert.  This includes cleaning the snow off your car before you start.  We have all changed lanes or merged “by feel” waiting to hear the horn blare from the car next to us.  Headlights ON and crack the rear passenger window just a little to keep fresh air in and allow you to hear a car on your blind side.

Wrecked? Move your car off the road if possible.  If not – STAY IN THE CAR!  Seatbelt ON.  4-ways ON.  Call 911.  You are safer in-the-car than trying to walk around a slippery snowy highway with 80,000 lb. trucks whizzing by.

Personal Safety.  Wear propershoes, hats, gloves, hand warmers, and coats.  Fashion statements won’t keep you warm and safe!  One patch of ice and you are on-the-ground.

It is still dark early.  Carry your personal siren in your hand.  Always be alert for people watching you, hiding or lurking. Park close to the door or near a light.

Safety is a mindset.  Safety is a conscious pattern and alert lifestyle.  You are alert and aware of hazards and dangers and keep yourself and the people around you safe!