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Safety Department Blast 02.10.2022

 Why Back into Parking Spaces?

In the fuel biz, most loading racks and facilities require vehicles to back into parking spaces.  It may surprise you, but this is a Safe Workspace Culture item.  As anyone who has been a First Responder, or Emergency Service Responder knows, it is faster and safer to pull forward out of a parking spot than to back out of a parking spot.

Companies that require employees to back into parking spots cause the employee to think safety before the employee even gets out of the vehicle.  This is a very visual, mindful, and habit-forming safety motivation that occurs before the employee walks into the workplace.  It also shows visitors and new employees the company takes safety seriously.

Human Factors

Drivers, even with all the sensors and cameras have a smaller field of vision when reversing.  Add to the fact that you may be backing out of your parking space, after work, with all the distractions and pressures still on your mind from work.  Now you are reversing, tired, frustrated and with a smaller field of vision.  The Insurance Institute claims one-in-seven vehicle accidents are caused by reversing.

Emergency Prep

Emergencies happen.  Whether it’s a call from your sick kid, you are ill or an emergency at work that requires you to evacuate in a hurry.  It is much quicker and safer to get into your vehicle and drive straight out when you are worried and frustrated.  It also speeds the evacuation in a more orderly manner if you aren’t delayed by someone who must back out of their parking spot.

Other Issues

Most vehicles have the motors in the front.  If your car won’t start or needs road service, it is easier to get to it if you have backed into your parking spot.  In addition, you also can watch for other employees that were distracted, think cell phone, while they are walking to their car.


Backing into parking spaces is one of the ways to start thinking safety.  You must make a conscience effort to back into your parking space.  This may make you start thinking about other safety processes.  You are leading the way for safety at the beginning of your shift.  It costs nothing.  It takes no additional time.  You have just made the parking area that much safer.

Stay Safe My Friends!

Gary Connor
Safety and Compliance Manager

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